Typical Products

CertusNet elastic network includes the cloud, transmission, and terminals; with rich business applications.  It also covers the fixed  network, mobile  network and other networks, is the future development trend of communication network.



 Cloud Computing


·Smart customer service

·Mobile law enforcement

·Park cloud for corporates

·Cloud computing platform

·Network function virtualization

·Network virtualization platform

·Cloud computing management platform

·Small and medium-sized enterprises, SaaS cloud




Smart City


·Vehicle service cloud

·City GIS data service platform

·Surveillance video processing

·Smart city, industry application

·Integrated data exchange platform

·Smart city business operation platform

·City comprehensive data analysis platform




Mobile Internet


·Operation supporting system

·Mobile video optimization management

·End-to-end mobile service support system

·Public cluster communication and scheduling

·Mobile end-to-end customer experience assurance system

·End-to-end customer and service experience management


Streaming video


·IPTV service assurance

·Surveillance video processing

·Auto-adapt video distribution system

·IPTV broadcasting assurance platform

·Internet video quality guarantee system



Video Content Supervision


·Public opinion monitoring

·Internet program monitoring
·IPTV service integrated supervision

·Internet TV program centralized supervision