Elastic Applications

Based on our experience of integrating telecommunications networks, cable TV networks and internet, CertusNet applies elastic network relevant technologies in the fields of IPTV, OTT and mobile video. With deep inspection of network performance, service quality and customer QoE, combined with customers’ demands and requirements, CertusNet’s solutions dynamically and real-time allocate resource and rebuild service architecture, provide the customers with high-quality service.



CCTV IPTV broadcast/control platform operation and supporting project


Telecommunication operator global eye service supporting system


Operators group mobile phone video service supporting system


Telecommunication operators IPTV service supporting project


CCTV national internet TV service supporting project




According to the national’s requirements for monitoring harmful Internet audio/video programs, CertusNet applies elastic network technologies for content monitoring in ip private network, internet and mobile internet. CertusNet’s solutions deeply inspect large-scale audio/ video programs in the network, accurately detect specific content via intelligent methods, provide guidance of public opinion and network information security.




SARFT internet audio/video monitoring and management project


SARFT internet TV monitoring and management platform project


SARFT IPTV general monitoring and management  project








Mobile communication technologies now steps in 4G, radio frequency is deficient but mobile applications are quickly emerging. CertusNet takes the lead to apply elastic network  technologies  in  mobile communications: accurately inspect users’QoE and service’s QoS; rebuild operators’network communication capacities according to users’demands and QoS support requirements; improve efficiency of operate network resource usage.




Operator QoE-oriented service deep inspection and detailed management system


Operator mobile communication QoS support and optimization system


Mobile operator mobile Internet video QoS supporting system

Mobile operators QoE management system





CertusNet applies elastic network technologies in smart city platform construction. By using cloud platform and multi-screen interaction, via data collecting, mining, analyzing and exchanging, CertusNet’s solutions provide the most scientific policy making support for city management and most convenient information service for citizens.




Province-level telecommunication
Operators smart community integration project

Operator group smart city platform







CertusNet applies elastic network technologies in cloud computing: integrate SDN, cloud computing and NFV, construct secure and efficient data center network, realize resource integration and real-time dynamical rebuilding among multiple data centers. CertusNet’s solutions are widely adopted for public cloud, private cloud, park cloud, etc. , CertusNet owns the most advanced cloud computing technologies, and is willing to use china core technologies to push the continued development of cloud computing.





Province-level telecommunication operator data center and enterprise private network inter-connection project



Province-level telecommunication operator cross-cities data center inter-connection project



Mobile operator network virtualization

platform and cloud platform inter-connection project


Province-level telecommunication operator hybrid-cloud management platform



Operator research institute VPC service project


Operator IPTV service cloud platform


Operator research institute SDN testing