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CertusNet Wins the Bid for China Mobile’s Key Project of SDN Large-Scale Network Traffic

[October 8, 2015, Beijing] CertusNet recently secured another success in Software Defined Network (SDN) by successfully winning the bid for the annual key project of the China Mobile Research Institute – promotion project of the development, application and commercialization of SDN products for wide area network (WAN). As the major project of key technology research on Novonet network of the China Mobile Research Institute specially for Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and SDN, the bid-winning SDN product for large-scale network traffic enables China Mobile to be accurately aware of network traffic and find and locate problems in a timely fashion. Plus, it can automatically conduct smart traffic scheduling based on network congestion, service quality and bandwidth cost, improving network link utilization, ensuring service quality, and reducing network construction and maintenance costs.

With the continued development of Internet services, service providers and users have increasingly higher requirements for network bandwidth and service quality, causing original distributed routing computation method not to calculate the optimal route according to the real-time global routing and traffic information. Inside the data center, traditional acquisition and analysis modes are incapable of forecasting the flow direction of network traffic of tenant and virtual machine and performing accurate analysis, so it is hard to make effective plans, elastic configuration and smart scheduling for data center network to meet dynamic demands of services. What’s more, the planning for backbone network traffic remains to be made in an extensive form, which is unable to provide fine operation for traffic, and the configuration to plan a route for specific traffic is relatively complex, increasing the difficulty of network maintenance.

Based on its in-depth research on SDN and practical accumulation, CertusNet proposed to collect information on backbone network route and traffic in real time through SDN APP application, carry out visible analysis for traffic, make dynamic fine-grained adjustment according to link states (bandwidth, utilization, reliability, cost, etc.) to achieve smart management of network traffic, and schedule the path of service traffic with different priorities in real time to avoid partial congestion, improving network-side network quality and utilization.  

Currently, it has been well acknowledged in the industry that the network architecture for SDN/NFV is in the midst of transformation environment. This not only greatly drives operators to achieve transformation and upgrading, but brings new opportunities to the whole industry. CertusNet who has always been leading the way in SDN and NFV has built a plurality of SDN-based virtual private cloud platforms. SDN- and NFV-based elastic network gives a perfect definition to the implementation environment of cloud for SDN/NFV, and recently has successfully provided professional services for data centers or cloud control platforms of China Mobile, China Unicom and some of their provincial offices.. The successful bid for the promotion project of the development, application and commercialization of WAN SDN products of the China Mobile Research Institute confirms once again the discourse power and influence of CertusNet in SDN sector.


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CertusNet Inc. is a world-leading informatization platform and solution provider. As a pioneer and an advocate of Elastic Network and Elastic Services concepts, the company is committed to providing Elastic Network services covering cloud, pipe and terminal for global users, enterprises and government agencies. CertusNet strives to continuously improve user experience, facilitate new services and applications, and help customers generate greater value with its widely trusted Elastic Services.


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