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CertusNet Helps China Telecom Develop Wo Could-Based SDN Core Project

[October 13, 2015, Beijing] China Unicom Labs recently chose CertusNet to assist them to accomplish the “Project of Wo Cloud-based Software Defined Network (SDN) controller and business chain management system – development of SDN controller cluster function and business chain policy management system”. CertusNet’s SDN-based business chain system can fully satisfy the demands of various users for traffic processing under the circumstances of complex network of China Unicom Wo Cloud, address ever-changing needs, and offer excellent user experience.

SDN is where the network that China Unicom Group focuses on evolves, and SDN controller as the core component of SDN system is the “brain” of the whole SDN network. Its southbound interface specifies the network equipment with which SDN network is capable to be compatible, and its northbound interface standardizes the APPs accessing to SDN network. As the hosting platform of APPs, SDN controller is the core component to create SDN ecological chain. The SDN controller-based hosting platform can converge and run a mass of APPs, attracting more third-party APP developers to join.

In the project of development of Wo Cloud-based SDN controller cluster function and business chain strategy management system, CertusNet proposed perfect carrier-class solutions with high performance, high reliability and high scalability in eight domains, including basic SDN controller cluster function, northbound API interface of controller and its definition, southbound interface of controller, controller portal, integration with Wo Cloud interface, portal of business chain management system, controller of business chain strategy, and flow classifier, fully meeting the demands of various users for traffic processing in the environment of complex network of China Unicom Wo Cloud, as well as the ultra-high practical needs in the context of cloud computing data center, mobile user access, etc. This helps CertusNet further deepen its cooperation with China Unicom Labs.

It is worth mentioning that CertusNet’s SDN solution has recently been successfully applied in China Mobile’s “Promotion project of key technical researches of Novonet network for Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Network (SDN) – development, application and commercialization of wide area network SDN products”. The successful bid for China Unicom’s project demonstrates once again CertusNet’s leading position in the field of SDN/NFV. In the future, CertusNet will continue to adhere to the technical idea of “elastic network” to further improve its products and solutions, creating greater value for customers.


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CertusNet Inc. is a world-leading informatization platform and solution provider. As a pioneer and an advocate of Elastic Network and Elastic Services concepts, the company is committed to providing Elastic Network services covering cloud, pipe and terminal for global users, enterprises and government agencies. CertusNet strives to continuously improve user experience, facilitate new services and applications, and help customers generate greater value with its widely trusted Elastic Services.



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