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SAIYUN SDDC Helps Zhejiang Radio & TV Group with Successful Upgrade of Its New Media Supervision Platform - CertusNet wins the bid forZhejiang Radio & TV Group’s integrated supervision platform project of digital publishing& network audio-visualprograms

[November 18, 2015, Beijing] CertusNet announced that it won the bid for Zhejiang Radio & TV Group (RTG)’s  integrated supervision platform project of digital publishing &network audio-visual programs. It is the first time for CertusNet’s “SAIYUN” SDDC, a cloud computing product, to be formally applied in supervision platform for radio and television community.

Independently developed on the sophisticated open source platform, “SAIYUN” SDDC is China’s first solution for cloud data center to incorporate computing, storage, networking, and network function virtualization, and can be customized to meet customer’s requirements. The system comes with flexible architectural design and excellent scalability. The solution adopts the industry’s leading SDN technology to achieve network virtualization, allows the network to distribute on demand to enable Network as a Service (NaaS), and can help enterprises achieve storage virtualization to make expensive, dedicated storage equipment and schemes be the past, obtaining secure and reliable storage with lower cost. Thanks to virtual firewall, virtual load balancing and virtual VPN, SAIYUN enables “hot swapping” of network function, and turns itself into virtual resource managerby leveraging OpenStack’s cloud computing platform, making enterprise’s “cloud” manageable and controllable.

With the rapid development of Web2.0 media today, existing hardware resource management and IT architecture alone are no longer able to ensure the implementation of supervision work in a timely, alert and all-around manner in the face of explosive growth, diversity, uncertainty and uncontroll ability of media information. Based on a leading province of provincial-level supervision business, RTGwas full of confidence in China’s cloud computing products with proprietary intellectual property rights after itsdiscreet investigation and comparison, and recognized and chose CertusNet’s “SAIYUN” SDDC solution to build its new media cloud supervision platform, with its planning aligned with the direction for evolution of supervision at provincial level, thus having high promotion and reference values.

It is understood that CertusNet’s new media cloud supervision platform consists of three sections, including supervision platform task scheduling and data analysis system of cloud management platform center; internet audio-visual website, OTT set-top-box (STB), and mobile audio-visual APP acquisition analysis system; and virtual management platform. The platform provides stable and reliable basic services for comprehensive evaluation platform through the virtual management of basic computing and storage resources. The central supervision platform hosted on the cloud platform receives metadata of audio-visual programs collected by acquisition system, collectively converges it into central platform, complete sidentification and analysis of illegal and harmful programs by computing resource scheduling, and takes advantage of the system’s study and determination work flow to complete the evidence-gathering and approval of illegal audio-visual programs, while completing effect verification and tracking; the system can display the distribution of supervised targets and the warning of illegal programs in the form of map.

The platform achieves new media cloud supervision through virtualization technology, supervises illegal contents for online audio-visual program websites, mobile audio-visual APPs, and OTT STB supplied by WASU within the jurisdiction of Zhejiang Province, and finally completes the removal of illegal programs and trace monitoring after program collection, violation identification, and evidence-gathering and approval. As an innovative practice carried out by RTG, the platform helps it cope with its stress on new media business supervision, while achieving the successful migration and upgrade of legacy business systems.

According to the related official at RTG, CertusNet’s new media cloud supervision platform makes three breakthroughs compared with traditional media supervision systems: solving the problem of uniform data, enabling cloud supervision in mobile Internet era, and providing reliable and efficient support for pop-up mission supervision. By building this platform, RTG has achieved unified management of regulatory data, completed the creation of virtual resource pool for old audio-visual supervisory equipment, improved dynamic management of hardware resources, and lowered repeated investment in hardware resources, laying a solid technical foundation for the extension and upgrade of subsequent supervision business.

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