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CertusNet Among The First Group of Partners of Shanghai Telecom for Future Open Lab On Network

[Nov.27, 2015, Beijing] Recently, China Telecom (Shanghai) started officially its Future Open Network Lab, and CertusNet is among the first group of partners for the project with its competency in delivery and innovation in the realm of SDN/NFV. CertusNet is to, together with Shanghai Telecom, explore network technical innovations for the future by focusing on key technologies and standard systems, creating an open platform and test base for technical research and cooperation targeted at future network. 

The director of the Lab of Shanghai Telecom said that they would adopt the mode of industry-university-research cooperation to gather together partners on the chain of industry and push forward the sustainable development of Next Generation Local Network Architecture Based on Data, including Cloud-Channel-Device, and promote the transition to Internet and the application of innovation.

“We look forward to help the Lab accelerate technical innovation and application of future network by sharing the rich experience of CertusNet using its elastic network to continually assist with system efficiency and user experience, or the achievements and experience in the research and promotion of SDN/NFV.” Said Hu Senbiao, director of FIP from CertusNet.

So far, CertusNet has realized the virtualization and softwarization of its network equipment, link and service that is based on NFV, which has pushed forward the evolution of network architecture. CertusNet can supply not only solution of virtual access network featured by stable operation and strong customization, but also network security framework featured by multipoint deployment, multilayer isolation and flexible strategy. With the assistance of virtualization, CertusNet has developed network element equipments that function independently like switches, VPN, service router, among others, so that not only a full solution of network architecture is accessible but also network evolution is able to be realized step by step, point to surface, by gradually replacing the established equipments.

Meanwhile, CertusNet has multiple private virtual cloud platforms established on the basis of SDN. It’s elastic network based on SDN and NFV has supplied a perfect cloud execution environment based on SDN/NFV, and has managed to supply professional service for the data centers and cloud control platforms of China Mobile, China Unicom and some of their provincial offices.

It is said that the Future Open Network Lab will soon zoom on in the realms like future network architecture, LSN/vDC, L4 and NFV/business line, virtual bridging, mobile core network, virtual access network, exploring the introduction strategy, evolution scheme and deployment plans of future network. CertusNet will go on with its in-depth cooperation with Shanghai Telecom, helping Shanghai Telecom with its business innovation by offering new and revolutionized services at greater speed, greater convenience and lower cost. 


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CertusNet Inc. is a world-leading informatization platform and solution provider. As a pioneer and an advocate of Elastic Network and Elastic Services concepts, the company is committed to providing Elastic Network services covering cloud, pipe and terminal for global users, enterprises and government agencies. CertusNet strives to continuously improve user experience, facilitate new services and applications, and help customers generate greater value with its widely trusted Elastic Services.

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