Cloud Computing Management Platform
Industry Problems

With the rapid development of IT industry in the world, scale and complexity of the IT platform has been a significant increase, however, the high cost of hardware and O&M, long service deployment cycles, and lack of unified management infrastructure bring lots of obstacles for enterprise IT departments. Cloud computing technology disruptively changed IT industry’s traditional consumption patterns and service model, consumers change their habits from previous "buy hardware and software products" to "buy IT services" and to acquire and use service in a manner of self-service by using the Internet, greatly improving IT efficiency and agility.
Cloud computing challenges for IT management :
•     Open
Dedicated cloud virtualization platform reduces the flexibility of on-demand scale
•     Working mode
Traditional workload model to cloud workload model
Hourly to monthly VM life cycles
Applications realize horizontal expending by increasing VM
•     Management Model
VM and management expansion
Lack of coordination among multiple management consoles, no centralized management capability
Application’s SLAs are not dependent on the VM
Scheduling and automation of repetitive tasks
Multi-platform virtualization / cloud platform / physical server unified monitoring

Solution Overview

CertusNet Cloud Scape multiple-in-one heterogonous cloud management platform, based on decentralized management model and the self-service portal and service catalog, realizes automated provisioning, scheduling, and cost-sharing quotas, billing management, process management, optimization and capacity management.


•     Cloud Scape active closed-loop O&M mode
The closed-loop active O&M covers optimization, management, monitoring and data analysis, realizes whole monitoring on problem prevention, application performance and resource utilization. 
•     Lifecycle Management
Service delivery, self-service, multi-level resource allocation
O&M tasks automation, configuration and reconfiguration tasks
On-demand extension, including horizontal, vertical, start, stop and destroy
Intelligent optimization, load analysis, including CPU / memory / storage / network

Key Technologies

•     Agentless virtual appliance architecture
•     WEB-based operations, management and self-service
•     Enterprise Directory Support
•     Support multi-tenant
•     Horizontal expansion
•     Load balancing, failover, failback
•     Cross-platform virtualization and public cloud management platform


CertusNet’s Cloud Scape cloud management platform is based on the industry-leading virtualization infrastructure to achieve the centralized management and control on data center, IaaS resource pool and cloud computing environments. Using simple management interface, unifiedly manage all of the physical and virtual resources within the data center which can not only improve the management ability of IT persons and simplify daily work routine, but also reduce the complexity and cost of IT environment.