Intelligent Multimedia Customer Service System
Industry Problems

Although traditional telecom call centers provide voice and partial internet service, they are facing challenges:
•     Service Channels are constructed independently and service interfaces are not converged, so that service channels provide independent service via separated UI. As a result, services received from different service channels by customers are not unified.
•     No service coordination, service process cannot be breakthrough, lacks of interactions.
•     Insufficient data sharing, customers service data from different channels are independent, cannot construct knowledge library.
•     Lack of multimedia service capability, single service form, cannot fulfill customer’s need.

Solution Overview

By constructing united customer view based customer data platform, CertusNet Intelligent Multimedia Customer Service System realize access changes to modify traditional single channel input system to united multi-channel input system. It combines the voice service, online custom service, weibo, email service together.
CertusNet Intelligent Multimedia Customer Service System also builds framework and all-channel applications based knowledge management system. The knowledge is socialized in order to adapt new features in Web2.0, including interaction, sharing, and comments. The system supports integration of operation and support, builds operation management system to fit the requirements of multimedia customer service center.


•     Multi-channel, multi-media inputs
Support traditional voice input
Support Short Messaging Service(SMS) input
Support IM/QQ input
Support weibo input
•     Intelligent
Intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
intelligent prediction
intelligent scene based service
Speech IVR navigation
Speech recognition
IVR intelligent analysis
•     Full view representation
User identification
User behavior tracking
User data full view representation
•     Knowledge library
Custom service system knowledge library
Multi-function information service
•     Next Generation Call Center(NGCC) based United platform
•     Completed reporting function

Key Technologies
•     Natural language processing (NLP)
•     Speech recognition
•     Speech to text conversion technology
•     LBS-based Information distribution
•     Multi-screen distribution technology
•     Big data analysis
•     System recommendation technology



CertusNet Multimedia Intelligent Customer Service System supports united inputs of multi-sources multimedia. Using advanced intelligent voice recognition and intelligent IVR analysis technologies, the system optimizes the customer service process, improves work efficiency. Using data mining and expanding the knowledge library of call center, the system involves external knowledge platform into internal customer knowledge management system, build companies knowledge management library, and supports multi-channel customized knowledge representation. The main representations areas following:
•     United Multi-channel multimedia inputs
•     Intelligent voice recognition and IVR navigation and analysis
•     One point collection of knowledge library and multipoint application
•     Information distribution based on LBS, data mining and recommendation