Mobile Enforcement Cloud
Industry Problems

•     Enlarging scale of administration enforcement, officer outdoor on-site workload increase significantly ;
•     Understaffed, outdated facilities, manually record on-site information, low efficiency of law enforcement;
•     Officers authorize others to verify information via remote telephone, inefficiency and costly;
•     Difficult to acquire evidence in law enforcement; lack of efficient management tool to deal with evidence;
•     law enforcement officers cannot be effectively monitored and evaluated;
•     Leader cannot track and monitor the progress of cases;

Solution Overview

"Mobile Enforcement cloud" solution focus on the specific features of law enforcement, administrative penalties, administrative licensing and other business implemented by government departments, use "cloud computing" architecture and dedicated handheld device or smart phone.


The system takes real environment as the core, comprehensively upgrades four major functions and six capacities and opens a new chapter in mobile law enforcement.

Key Technologies

•     3G/4G based mobile terminals, achieve on-site law enforcement and work
•     3G/4G based cluster communication, emergency dispatching, on-site video surveillance


•     Expanded the work scope, no limitation of law enforcement for the front-line law enforcement officers;
•     Significant effect on law enforcement for emergency, achieve rapid response and improve the timeliness efficiency of law enforcement work;
•     Improve efficiency of law enforcement agencies, saving manpower, vehicles and office management resources;
•     Shape enforcement standards, make supervision for law enforcement be bright;