Cloud Solution for Hi-tech park/Industrial Park
Industry Problems
In China there are many China High Technology Park, in order to attract enterprises to enter the competition is very fierce. The weak operation is a common problem the park must face to. Park cloud is based on the Cloud computing technology .The system intelligence a variety of resources can solve the above two problems, efficient integration of industrial chain.
Solution Overview
•      IaaS
Providing IT infrastructure and rent service such as host server, the virtual machine resource the virtual machine resource, Storage, Network bandwidth and monthly fee, discount package to the park enterprises and individual users.
 •     PaaS
We were providing a unified one-stop software development services such as application interface, testing, deployment, operation environment, complex application hosting, monitoring service, authentication and accounting mechanism.
•      SaaS
Software service portal provided software renting service such as Website,CRM,OA,ERP,Mail,Online, IPTV,HR, Unified communications, log management, knowledge management.
•      Security Service
Providing Value added service in SS(Security Service)such as VPN access, security management, identity authentication and audit, terminal authentication, anti spam, intrusion detection and safety monitoring etc.
•      Management Service
Providing MSManagement Service)such as Operation service system of park enterprises, technology platform services. Materials and asset management. The payment card system, security, logistics services etc.


•     Local network service:providing nearby Intranet service all the process which didn’t need used Internet.
•     The ICT infrastructure: Providing Host, Network bandwidth, the standard of the enterprise application
•     Needed to pay SaaS business mode that can providing End to End business application.
•     According different demand scenarios provide customized products and services such as Cloud desktop.
Key Technologies

•     Virtualization Technology

•     Big data process technology
Compared with the traditional IT solutions and enterprise information application solution, that providing the lower cost, higher efficiency, more applications, more convenient operation and maintenance for enterprises in park. That is improved the park's ability and level of service ability.