Smart City GIS Data Services Platform
Industry Problems

Smart City as an integrated platform, contains of all kinds of smart city applications, applications releasing, data support, information access supported, LBS function has is very important. However, each application or services has different needs, for LBS services have different priorities, so the introduction of GIS data services platform in smart city platform, providing the ability to support GIS platform for the entire smart city.

Solution Overview
GIS geographic information system mainly provides information on the various types of queries convenience and location. Convenient data mainly consists of two parts:
•     Online data, the network service provider of geographic information, provider the data like  convenient data, schools, hotels, gas stations, etc.
•      Local data, including data of motor vehicle parking convenience, vehicle maintenance, bicycle parking, nursing homes, free WIFI and so on
LBS location-based services according to business locations, the current user location information to provide users with information on surrounding businesses, coupons, recommendations and advertising push. Provide marketing nearby users, as well as adjacent circles and other SNS services for businesses.
Key Technologies
•     Data Conversion
•     GIS software platform
•     Big data processing
•     Construction standards of geospatial information
Unified city GIS data integration services platform, saving smart city-based geospatial data construction, maintenance and investment costs of hardware and software resources, avoid duplication, eliminate the "islands of information" to support appropriate application systems at all levels, in all types of business needs , which can significantly improve the economic and social benefits, provide a good solution for city informationlized.