Smart City Business Operations Platform
Industry Problems
In the "smart city" resource sharing, collaborative management, application of the main demand of polymerization, the whole information industry chain will guide change, the construction mode and the mode of the industry chain will be closely around the city the main demand of wisdom. With this change, the government, market, enterprises face a variety of challenges in the process of city construction wisdom wave, associated operation mode and aspects of multidimensional Fusion Party is closer and closer, so need wisdom city integrated management platform, to help the city managers, from the point of view of city management, will the original and new types of business system based on the unified standards for access, intelligent integrated management information resources and sharing of city operation, business application, and relying on the city information resource database, provide intelligent decision support for city management.
Solution Overview
CertusNet as the leader in the construction of Smart City, through the exemplary role construction of Smart City service platform, continue to promote the development of national Smart City construction. Smart City business platform can serve as follows:
•     The government services: to improve government service capacity, promote transformation of government service mode. The intelligent community information publishing platform, released an official statement, the price information to the community residents. A convenient map, the convenience of residents understands the surrounding roads, public transportation subway and garage / point information. The intelligence community survey platform, more real understanding of all sectors of the wishes of the people, to provide decision support for the government.
•     People's livelihood and happiness index: improve the quality of life of residents, leading change the way of life of the residents. Provide laundry, shopping, dining, pet custody, accompanying the elderly, nanny services, facilitate residents living. Provides online help the elderly meal, appointment and Empty Nester online monitoring and advanced cancer care and community care services, community health nursing relieve pressure, let the community is full of love and tenderness. Online query free WI-FI access hot spots and other public facilities, the convenience of the residents living.
•     Service industry: improve the service level of economic development and vitality, promote economic development mode upgrade. Through the integration of various kinds of commercial activities in the community in the intelligence community platform, to the community to provide a more convenient business environment, make people convenient consumption at the same time, increase community various commercial activity, at the same time, increase the government revenue.
•     Operation platform based design standardization, generalization, conform to the technical specifications of various standards including cloud computing, SOA, workflow, not only can carry current application, support all kinds of e-government system seamless migration and integration, also can quickly implement all new government system platform based on.
•     Operation platform has good scalability and reproducibility, can be used as the city level information infrastructure to provide effective support e-government information system, but also can be used as the core platform Smart City all kinds of sub programs, application supporting Smart City sub fields, such as wisdom, wisdom tourism park.
•     Application system supporting Smart City sub fields, such as wisdom, wisdom tourism park. City operation platform and support for each sub area sub platform in the whole structure is consistent, so between city operation platform and each sub platform can seamlessly integrate data and processes integration.


Key Technologies
•     Cloud computing technology pools of virtualized resources (compute, storage, network)
•     Access components, engines and general ability components
•     Virtual machine isolation, host-based virtual firewall, IPS technology
Smart City Business Operations Platform, can greatly enhance the follow-up service application system platform support layer, the platform will provide support in various aspects of resources, data, business collaboration, technology, break the construction of traditional system of chimney structure and information isolated island, to solve the problem of repeated construction and investment system construction, realize all kinds of resources sharing and integration, to meet the demand of data and application integration and process integration needs.