APPs for Smart City
Industry Problems
•     Smart City is to make full use of the new generation of information technology in all walks of life into the city, the next generation of knowledge-based society, innovation advanced form of urban information. The key of the Smart City is kinds of applications based on Internet, cloud computing and other next-generation IT and big data, social networks, Fab Lab, Living Lab and so on. n the one hand to help the government to change the functions direction and management roles, on the other hand to facilitate the city's people, to achieve sustainable development and innovation in the city's.
Solution Overview
The current smart city industry applications of CertusNet such as the wisdom of government, intelligence livelihood, smart home, smart travel, wisdom district, pension wisdom, wisdom, education, health care and so on.
•     Wisdom government
providing a channel of communication with the community residents convenient, easy to understand i the residents of the community.
•     Wisdom livelihood
provide "convenience services" based information and applications for the various needs of nearby residents
•     Wisdom Circle
Mix together the businesses, stores, supermarkets information to show the user community the food, preferential information.
•     Medical wisdom
Help the health sector to more accurately grasp the universal health condition, more rational allocation of medical resources, medical services extend to corporate, community, rural and family.
•     Wisdom pension
Provide intelligence for community organizations pension, home care, elderly families and elderly health, and improve information technology services.
•     Wisdom Education
To serve as the core, through information sharing and networking technology to meet the needs of students, parents, teachers and other parties.
•     Wisdom travel
By collecting roads, public transportation, parking, shuttle store information, such information will be presented to residents in real time, in order to adjust the residents travel mode and route.
•     Wisdom Tour                                                        
Provide residents with local characteristics of the tour.
Smart City IOT industry applications based on a comprehensive, fully integrated, encouraging innovation, collaborative operation of the four elements, government, business intelligence infrastructure on the innovative application of technology and business, all key systems based on the city's rich and participants Smart City industry applications harmonious and efficient collaboration. Smart City-related industries continue to enrich applications and mutual integration, make urban development more comprehensive, more coordinated, more sustainable, urban living will become healthier and more harmonious, more beautiful.
Key Technologies
•     The technology of the Internet of things
•     SOA
•     cloud computing, grid technology
Construction of Smart City, is changing the way of urban development, improve the quality of urban development objective requirements. By Smart City in the rich variety of industrial applications, timely delivery, integration, communication, use of various types of information the city economy, culture, public resources management services, community living and ecological environment, improve things and things, things and people, people and interoperability of people, full of perception and the ability to use information, which can greatly improve the government's ability to manage and service, greatly enhance the people's material and cultural life.