Video Quality Analyzer and Multi-Viewer System
Industry Problems

With the rapid development of IPTV, OTT, Internet audio-visual program and other new audio visual media, television signal digitalized is a general trend. TV channels showed explosive growth, traditional regulatory approaches rely on manual method which can’t meet the performance demand.

Solution Overview

This multiscreen system parses video stream to achieve split channel display, and monitors audio-visual content. With support of auxiliary display, this system can quickly and intuitively display fault information. Thus automate the monitoring process, save resources.It also achieve the goal of efficient online real-time monitoring to ensure the quality of digital audio and video media.


•     the video source monitoring
 Support MPEG2-TS/MEPG4/H.264/MP3/MP2/AC3/AAC / Dolby and many other audio and video formats
 ES layer monitoring parameters: Mosaic / freeze frame / black / mute / mono audio / lost / volume is too high / low volume / RGB component abnormal / rainbow / color field / lack of color / image resolution / coding syntax error
•     single system support SD (2M) 50-way, high-definition (8M) 12-way monitor, supports SD and HD monitoring in mixed programs.
•     flexible strategies of alarms and alarm display methods, support for configurable alarm levels, setting the alarm suppression strategies, changes monitoring parameters, have many alert chancel such as OSD, TTS, e-mail, text messaging.
•     the system support local and remote configuration management, centralized management and unified network management 
•     MPTS stream analysis and testing
•     dual output
•     large screen protection
•     VU meter display
•     poll display
•     the initiative triggered recording
•      large-screen display fault
•     automatic fault recovery
•     adaptive resolution
•     clock display
•     open interfaces

Key Technologies

•     TS over IP technology
•     split screen technique
•     multi-channel video rendering technology
•     audio rendering technology
•     filter technology
•     VU meter technology
•     OSD Technology
•     TTS Technology


The system helps IPTV broadcast control platform operation and maintenance personnel to quickly get video streaming quality parameters, locate the faulty links, conduct service monitoring, and greatly improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance flow.
Mainly reflected in the following aspects:
•     real-time monitoring channel quality information, quickly locate the fault, effectively support broadcast operation
•     automated monitoring, saving labor costs
•     split large screen display, saving hardware investment