Video Analyzer
Industry Problems

•     It’s difficult to locate fault in video systems
•     The deployment location of video analysis device is usually fixed on live network, lack of flexibility
•     User experience is unknown
•     Lack of key indicator to continuous optimize of IPTV service

Solution Overview

Portable Video Analyzer(PVA) is a Telcograde equipment for monitoring and analyzing quality of IP video stream. It is excellent for monitoring network transport layer and video stream. Using this equipment, operators can analyze system key indicators;provide graphical view of operations, visualize end-to-end operation,accurately set alarm and carry out many fault detection diagnosis. This product can be deployed safely on the live network and no need to change original network architecture, thusgreatly simplified the network deployment and management.It helps to reduce the investment of the operators.


•     Real-time analysis of video quality which is associated with user information
•     Rich alarm retrieval and intelligence analysis with expert knowledge system
•     Total solution for iTV quality detection
•     Real-time analysis and alarm reporting of all the indicators of RTP level and TS level of IP video stream
•     Real time dynamic inspection technology

Key Technologies

•     Quantitative testing model of video quality
•     Intelligence analysis with expert knowledge base


•     It can be deployed easily on network nodes which need to be monitored
•     It provides visualization interface which is easy to operate
•     It reflects users’ real experience
•     It locates fault quickly when problems happen