Software Defined Data Center Solutions(SDDC)
Industry Problems
Traditional data center management faces several important challenges: low utilization of hardware resources; inflexibility of hardware resources reconfiguration; and difficulty for large-scale deployment across multiple data centers. To meet these challenges, CertusNet provides the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) solution.


Solution Overview
SDDC is a private cloud solution for the data center. It virtualizes the storage, computing, and network resources; manages virtualized resource pools; and provides operation and maintenance management interface, tools, and automation for IT management professionals.
Product Features
· Rapid deployment of enterprise
  services and reduced launch time
· Intuitive network configuration,
  management, and real-time fault
· Automated operations and flexible
· Cut OPEX by 50%
Customer Use Cases
· Cooperation with Zhongsheng Networks
  Zhongsheng Networks offers IDC space, servers and other IT hardware.
  CertusNet provides a  comprehensive suite of virtualization, orchestration,
  and management   solutions. The SDDC platform has been jointly operated
  by Certusnet and Zhongsheng Networks.
· Cooperation with Shanghai Zizhu Hi-Tech Park
  Shanghai Zizhu Hi-Tech Park provides hardware. CertusNet provides a full
  range of  virtualization solutions and cloud-based video rendering functions.
  This platform now provides VPC, video rendering and other cloud services
  for companies in the Zizhu Park.
· Cooperation with Xuzhuang Software Park
   Xuzhuang Software Park provides hardware. CertusNet provides
   virtualization solutions. This platform provides such services as cloud
   desktop, cloud hosting, cloud-based video rendering and VPC for
   companies in the park.