Technical Support
CertusNet  has passed  International standard quality system certification ISO9001:2008.   The quality guiding principle of our company is “develop with innovation, make profit with quality, earn trust with service, making the customer satisfaction as the goal”. In the same time of ensuring the advancement, reliability, and stability of products, our company improves service quality continuously. In the aspects of maintenance and management of sold equipment, technical service etc., our company ensures customers can get the best service insurance and the fastest technical support.
Service Purpose:
Provide variety of good after-sale service for customers, and continuously improve customer’s satisfaction, fighting for becoming the model of after sale service in the industry.
In the process of providing customer service of all the users, strictly obey variety rules and policy of CertusNet about after sale service. 
Service Content:
QosMon terminal monitor module                        Quantization testing module of video quality        
Live video flow quality monitor technique                   On-demand testing technique
EPG testing technique Whole process problem locating technique
Intelligent analysis of expert knowledge library
Technique Support Service:
The technique support service CertusNet provided includes telephone support, field support, email support, and on-line support. When a customer meet problems cannot be solved in the process of CertusNet equipment maintenance, the customer can send service request to the appointed contactor, seek for technique support.(The CertusNet contactor is as the provided list) When CertusNet receive the technique support service request,CertusNet will respond the support service through phone. If the problem still cannot be solved, CertusNet will provide live technique support service.
Telephone Support:
CertusNet provides two type ofon-call support services, including telephone consult and telephone technicalguide. CertusNet provide 7*24 hours customer hot line service(400-025-6678), you only need to dial the phone to get the help of professional technical people of our company. When the system have problem, we can respond the problem in 2 hours. If the problem cannot be fixed in long distance, we will send engineer to solve the problem in 4 hours as fast as we could. 
Live Scene Support:
When the technical people of CertusNet arrive the equipment live scene, the technical people analyze the reason of problem, make the problem removing plan. The technical people remove the problem under the condition that the customer provides necessary support resources such as replacing board. If the replacing board is provided by CertusNet, the relative service content should be executed by the hardware replacing service clause.